When it comes to Asian food hoisin has to be one of the tastiest, easiest and most versatile sauce out. I had never tried smoked hoisin or ever even thought of smoking until one glorious day at a good friends restaurant in Melbourne, Australia. The smoked hoisin was smoked and used to brush over braised lamb and wow wow wow, it blew my mind. So simply but so delicious.

So all these years later I finally have the chance to share this beautiful way of using hoisin sauce. Below is the method or how to on how to smoke the sauce. We will follow up with a few recipes that link into this to help you get started but this is a great sauce to have some fun with. Brush it over BBQ chicken, pork, lamb, beef and even fish. Use in stir-fry or duck pancakes. This is literally a quick 15 minute recipe that’s easy as opening a jar.


Simple open a jar of hoisin and either reserve half of the sauce and leave plain or transfer to a larger jar or bowl with a lid.

Prepare your Piccalo smoke infuser, full with wood chips and turn on. Ignite and fill the half full jar or bowl with smoke, remove hose, cover and leave to infuse for about 15 minutes, until most of the smoke has been absorbed. Give the jar a shake to incorporate remaining smoke, remove lid and allow to rest for a minute or two. And that’s it, smoked hoisin a la Piccalo. For a stronger smoky flavor simply repeat the process to your desired smoke level.

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