Cuisines that will start to gain momentum


Californian will have its time in the spotlight as it redefines itself led by the millennial sustainable mind set. We will all start to enjoy and see more of fresh bowl food, raw and plant based meals being the dominant features on menus for 2020. Sustainability will remain a huge part of food and culture with transparency being the biggest change. As we wise up we want more information on the how, what, where questions surrounding food establishments claims to sustainability.

Sri Lankan and Burmese food will continue to grow as they sit well with the worlds movement towards raw and plant based diets.

Meat free is the new cool, as we become more mindful of the way we eat, the environment and our health we can expect the meat free Monday vibe will become a Tuesday, Wednesday and so on vibe.

Expect to see mushrooms, hemp and oat milk see the biggest growth and grains start to take a back seat.

As for diets, plant base and keto are the two largest growing food trends to reach restaurant doors with organic foods holding the torch.

Snacks and snackable food have always been cool but seeing big growth as millennials change the way they eat from the standard 3 meals a day to 5, small fast and convenient healthy meals.

We miss sugar, we miss dirty so expect to see a new wave of healthy, mindful dirty snack options pop up to keep our souls intact.


Ways of eating


Phoneless dinning has gained big traction in 2019 as more focus is put on mental health and appreciation for good soulful connection.

Fast, convenience and small is the largest trend that will reshape how we eat. One of the largest growing trends in the millennial era are 5 meals day replacing our burning desire for the 3 meals a day. Eating in is the new eating out as more and more food companies adopt the fast, convenient snackable meal options.

Fast-Fine (fine dining, fast and deliverable for the busy lives we live and of course workaholics) is redefining the restaurant scene and making its way into peoples homes.

 Lots of cool kitchen gadgets helping people re-create restaurant style food in there own homes, (like the worlds best company Piccalo) meal kits and food delivery options that help reduce carbon.


Other ingredients making moves


Puffed foods – we all love treats, chips and crispy things. More and more plant based and probiotic replacements for puffed treats, chips etc will start to appear and perfect for kids lunch boxes as healthy alternatives to junk food

Vegan cheese – Are you ready to say good bye to dairy?? - As the plant space grows vegan cheese and mayo will slowly start to become the new norm. As good as this is for our planet I think this is a space to watch closely, far to many “plant” products are coming into the market filled with additives and heavily processed to boot. As we know processed foods wreak havoc on our body causing a long list of health issues, but this is a convo for our next post.

Alcohol free/alternatives have been around for a while and growing strong as more and more food establishments offer more extensive ranges and creative mixes and serving suggestions. Its an exciting time in the bar and cocktail world, as our pallets grow and our taste for new and exciting grabs the wheel. Top mixologist’s, chefs and foodies take leaps and bounds with drink combinations like never before, turning classics on there head and reinventing the bar world as we know it. Food will take the hot seat in 2020 as the flavor of the year. Expect to see more food/savory cocktail combos hit the ranks.


Above all the biggest movement in food, in fact in life in general, is mindfulness, mindful of where our food comes from and the effect and impact it has on our planet and health. This is the root of every food and business trend rolling out. 2020 will be an exciting year, a year of change, reinvention and saviour.

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